Multiples: innovation, universities and impact

What roles can and do universities play in fostering innovation in their localities and beyond? What makes this sustainable in the long-term, and what challenges should and can universities even tackle? These were… Continue reading

Re-casting histories: in between all that is solid

Two very different takes on how populism and political discourse in the public sphere of a country and the construction and curatorial agendas of museums reframe (and at worst ‘rebrand’) the trajectories of… Continue reading

the value of absence: the latent city

Reflections as part of a workshop and walk with a group of artists, architects and activists on the topic of ‘Commodified City’ with Ogino Knauss, under the heading of ‘Latent City’. Ogino Knauss… Continue reading

Barcelona / DPU summerLab

Researching self-organised communities and recombinant social capital: inverting the ‘participatory’ paradigm

The ‘Painting Connections’ project (UCL CASA, UCL ISR, UCL IGP) was always meant to deliver certain interdisciplinary research outputs as part of a Grand Challenges: Sustainable Cities grant – an exploration of the make-up… Continue reading

Brexit / ask the wrong question and no one will know the answer

There is perhaps no need to reiterate what the mood concerning the referendum vote on EU membership is in this country currently. It is one of shock, anger, disbelief, embarrassment, worry and concern.… Continue reading

Cornered Stories: identity, sound and space

Really enjoyed contributing to the Cornered Stories project, bringing together a bunch of very talented artists and illustrators, as well as people like me, with no arts background but a liking for concepts,… Continue reading

Ben Rivers: ‘the two eyes are not brothers’ // ArtAngel

LFA2015: what to see/do

As if June wasn’t busy enough already and full of great events (namely Open City Docs and Camden50), work and assignment deadlines, LFA2015 has just launched and here’s my bookmark list of favourite… Continue reading

The Bartlett: Time, space, refurbishment

Perhaps as much as anyone with a love for buildings and and an appreciation of place, I can never pass by a good opportunity to get access to a derelict space. In this… Continue reading