LFA2015: what to see/do

As if June wasn’t busy enough already and full of great events (namely Open City Docs and Camden50), work and assignment deadlines, LFA2015 has just launched and here’s my bookmark list of favourite events. I’m aiming to get to three of those. #fingerscrossed

1-30 June: Theatrum Mundi’s ‘Designing the Urban Commons’ exhibition
Showcase for the competition proposals from the design competition of the same name, exploring possibilities of collaboration, co-creation and collective ownership in London today.

9 June: Commons in Progress: towards a democratic city
Two talks on urban commons, co-creation and participation in the production of city spaces in South London, on site at a Old Tidemill School project at Assembly SE8 and Loughborough Farm food growing project.

9 June: Civic Crowdfunding in London & Live Pitch
An event about the GLA way of empowering local communities through civic crowdfunding, together with Spacehive and the opportunity for project pitches.

20 June: Learning from Peckham
An architecture & art walking tour around Peckham, involving edible architectural models made of cake (…unfortunately already sold out)

20 June: From Olympicoplis to Bow
Critical walking exploration of this stage for a ‘new London economy’ against the backdrop of recent, current and potential future developments, their failures and successes.

23 June: Public Realm Masterclass
Does what it says on the tin, for £15.

26-29 June: Connected Communities: Creative factories and Wick working
An insight into alternative self-managed live-work housing in Hackney Wick.

25 June: Design Council’s Ones to watch Pecha Kucha
Pecha Kucha showcase of some of Design Council’s 70 early career designers ‘to watch’, addressing how design can address urban issues of the present and future.

26 June: Planning in the Pub: The Long Good Friday screening
Screening of the 1979 film about the Docklands development with a Q&A panel on the nature of urban change in London then and today.