Istanbul Loves: TAK, where the urbanist magic happens

At least since my days of working in Groundwork UK’s Policy & Communications team, I have had an obsession with participatory urban regeneration and planning. Come to think of it, this probably goes… Continue reading

Istanbul Loves: SALT Beyoğlu, Summer Homes: Claiming the coast

On my recent week-long trip to Istanbul I did what I naturally do in a foreign place – apart from meandering around without aim and eating far too much, which Istanbul is also perfect for… Continue reading

a year in the city, pt.7

a year in the city, pt.6

a year in the city, pt.5

a year in the city, pt.4

a year in the city, pt.3

a year in the city, pt. 2

a year in the city, pt. 1

year 2, pt. 1